Creative Meditation

Nowadays our Lives are a lot faster and full of events every single day! As a result- Our minds are constantly running and trying to keep up with that pace. This often results in Stress and Unhappiness.

Meditation has been helpful to find mental peace and clarity. But sitting down to actively meditate is extremely hard for most people. Maybe it is time to find an entirely new way to meditate!

What is Meditation?

Many consider that we meditate when we sit down and focus on our body and breath. Some say Meditation is something that brings peace by mentally concentrating on one thing.

I think it can best be best described as a state of thoughtless awareness. When meditating we do not actively think about what happened 5 minutes ago or what is gonna happen next week. We are in a calm state of mind and yet fully aware of the present moment and of the way our body feels.

This state of thoughtlessness goes along with a feeling of deep happiness that does not depend on any external sources.

Why is it so hard?

If the benefit she are so clear why don’t we all meditate more often?

Our minds have been conditioned to be busy. Our society has created a constant pressure to be productive and sitting down almost feels like a sin. After 3 minutes most people feel the urgent need to get up, move or check their phones.

I personally find it easier to motivate myself for a workout at the gym than to simply sit down and think nothing for 10 minutes.

After practicing for a while I got better but over the Easter Weekend I realized that there is a completely different and more effortless approach to Meditation.

Easter Egg Realization

As an Easter tradition I met up with a couple of friends in New York for a Brunch and had been running around all morning studying lines for an important audition.

Even when with my friends I felt a little stressed and caught myself thinking about the audition and what it could mean for my career.

Then we all decided to sit down and paint Easter Eggs- something I hadn’t done since 3rd grade. From there in everything changed. A group of 10 people spent over 1 hour in absolute silence- both verbally and mentally!

There were no thoughts running through my mind I got lost in the colors and in the creative process of painting this egg.

Creative Meditation

Even though I didn’t realize it at the time I had just gone through a meditation and felt the same mental focus and general feeling of happiness, empty of negative thoughts and worries.

Meditation is more than actively sitting down. It lives in every Creative Process if we allow our minds to completely get lost in it.

For some people it can be playing and instrument or painting. For me it is even the way I cook new dishes without any thoughts fully committed to the Creation of something beautiful. Even running or swimming can result in a meditative state when we are fully aware of our body and the movement we are going through.

If we all make some room for Creativity in our every day Life-Meditation can become effortless!

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