What WE can learn from Children

On my last day in California  I went to Laguna Beach to play with my friend and her niece, Charlotte. While I was watching her explore the playground I realized that Charlotte was able to do something that most of us are uncapable of once we get older.

The Ability to Play

She was running around so fascinated by small things and was able to fully express her Joy. There was absolutely no filter and nothing that could hold her back. This Freedom of Expression goes both ways:

When she found a beautiful plant she was smiling and wanted everybody to see it.

When she was upset and did not want to go home she stomped on the ground and told us that she did not like that!

She just followed an Impulse and could express whatever she was feeling. In these moments she was absolutely Authentic!

Why can’t We Play?

Unfortunately most of us-including myself lost that Ability to Play effortlessly. We tend to tink about the consequences of our actions and always have to take into consideration what social environment we are in and what role we are currently playing.

As serious businessmen we are not expected to be joyful!

As good girls we are not supposed to reveal our anger!

Our Society has imposed so many standarts on us that put a filter on every step we take and every word we say! Children do not rationally understand these guidelines and are therefore a lot more free and authentic.

What if we didn’t give a Sh**t?

Unfortunately this is never going to change. As children get older they conform and learn to behave approprietely and according to the norms of society.

Having these norms and filters is important to survive in this world but every once in a while it is healthy to create some time and space to play and express whatever we feel without judgement!

Sharing our true emotions and playing like a child will also affect people around us in a positive way and encourages them to do the same.

I found out for myself that Being Authentic is what makes me happy!


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