How sharing Joy will change your life

I know it sounds very simple. But through my experiences in the last couple of years I have realized how small changes in our perception and in our habits can have a huge impact on the way we live. It is not a drastic measure, you do not have to pay for it and it starts with small things- every single day.

What is Joy?

According to the most common definition Joy is: “(…) an emotion evoked by well-being”, and the source of this feeling is different for everybody. Some find it in small things like a gesture of love or a smile, some in financial succes, some in God or religion. No matter where it comes from- in its purest form joy is just an internal emotion.


Why do we feel Joy?

But feeling it is not enough. Joy does something to us, it changes our perception and our behavior. Have you ever felt the impulse to just smile or laugh when something makes you happy? If we just organically follow that impulse it makes everything seem easier and we signal to others that we feel good in this present moment.

Why do we keep it to ourselves?

Nowadays, sadly what we feel is not always revealed and the emotion stays internal. Our social environment and the role we play comes along with expectations and guidelines about how to behave. These roles can be defined through a job-title like the CEO of a big company or also a role we chose like being the tough guy in high-school. In both cases we would probably not openly reveal our emotions and it seems like a lot of times Joy is even considered to be a sign of weakness!


Why do we need to share it?

But here is what happens when we share Joy: Nobody is going to think you are weak. Instead people will get affected by that positive energy and take it out there to the next person they see. This all happens on a subconscious level. Have you ever seen somebody who is joyful? We do not rationally think about it but when we see a picture like this we just can’t help but smiling.


How will it change your life?

So why should we care about making other people happy? Besides from the fact that giving something positive away to others has been proven to be very rewarding it will also benefit our influence on other people . The positive feeling that we evoke in others by truthfully revealing our Joy will be automatically associated with you as a person. Just because of this connection they will be more likely to remember you, consider you for a job, buy your product or help you when you need it.

How can we use Joy every day?

Some people say there is no joy in their lives that they could share but it all starts with the small things: A song that is playing puts you in a good mood? Don’t keep it to yourself! You enjoy someones company? Let them know! Sometimes we think it is stupid to tell people about things like that but everybody loves to hear that. Express verbally, express through a gesture, express through a smile and let it come back to you.



Talk about it:

Let me know your thoughts on Joy. How do you react when somebody openly reveals Joy? Have you ever caught yourself not expressing Joy? What brings you Joy and have you ever been inspired by someone elses Joy?

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