Why I think everybody should act.

What is acting?

Most people believe acting is nothing more than mimicing someone elses emotions. They think actors just know how people express emotions and are able to replicate their stereotypical facial expressions, the tone of their voice and their body language.

But real acting is not about actively changing the tone of the voice to show anger or about forcing a smile. Smiling, crying, laughter, even tears are a result of a truthful emotional experience. Therefore actors are actually going through the emotions of their character and make them look real to us.

How can I be truthful?

Knowing that good actors don’t fake their emotions the question remaining is obviously: How can I access these emotions? There are many different techniques and schools of thought but they all have one thing in common which is the exploration of our own emotional life. Understanding where our emotions come from will make it easier to reveal and to control them. This also involves confronting our past, our fears and insecurities and our deepest needs that are not being fulfilled. This process can be very painful at first and a lot of people are afraid to go back to their past or they prefer to deny their insecurities instead of facing them.



How acting changes our life

In real life we actually do the opposite. We do not confront our fear and do not reveal our truthful impulses. Instead we play a role, a character formed by the expectations of others. This mask that we put on helps us to survive in our social environment as a doctor, a student, a loving husband etc. The danger is that we get too consumed by this role and forget who we actually are. Acting is a way of getting to the core to understand and release true emotions that have been surpressed by our public persona. In a way acting is a lot more real than living in our everyday life.


That is why I think everyone should act even if they have no ambitions to pursue a carreer im acting. It gives us a chance to express whatever is going on, no matter how painful it may be. On the long run it will make YOU a stronger and more authentic person in real life!

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